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Super Bowl Prediction Prop Pool

Printable Super Bowl Props Prediction Pool

How to run a Super Bowl Prediction Prop Pool

The Super Bowl Squares are not the only office pool you can do during the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl Prediction Prop Pool can be just as exciting. The idea of the Super Bowl Prop Prediction Office Pool is to predict the outcome of a series of questions that we have created for the Super Bowl.

Print copies of the questions and pass them out to the participants. The participants are to simply fill in the form trying to predict the correct outcome of each question. Completed forms must be turned in before the start of the big game!

Each question is worth 1 point, the person with the most correct answers wins the pool. The tie breaker is the person who guesses closest to the total points scored in the game. Are you hosting a Super Bowl Party? Look below at our X-Large Super Bowl Square Grid and also try out our Super Bowl Word Scramble.

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