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NFL Weekly Pick 'em Sheets

Week 1 NFL Schedule Week 10 NFL Schedule
Week 2 NFL Schedule Week 11 NFL Schedule
Week 3 NFL Schedule Week 12 NFL Schedule
Week 4 NFL Schedule Week 13 NFL Schedule
Week 5 NFL Schedule Week 14 NFL Schedule
Week 6 NFL Schedule Week 15 NFL Schedule
Week 7 NFL Schedule Week 16 NFL Schedule
Week 8 NFL Schedule Week 17 NFL Schedule
Week 9 NFL Schedule

We also have the Printable NFL Preseason Schedule, along with Printable NFL Team Schedules and an NFL Full Season Schedule Grid. If you're looking for another office pool to run throughout the season, we recommend trying our new NFL Weekly Props Pool, where the participants in your pool try to correctly guess the outcome of 20 questions related to all of the games that week.

How to Run a Weekly Pick 'em Pool

Pass out a copy of the current week's schedule to family, friends, and co-workers. Each participant should circle the team they think will win each game, they should also write down what they think will be the total number of points scored in the Monday Night Football game. This will be used as a tie breaker if two or more participants pick the same number of games correctly. We have dedicated a whole page on Rules for NFL Pick'em Tie Breakers. If you're looking for a more advanced pool try our NFL Pick'em Against the Spread Pool.

Be sure to have all entries turned in before the first game of the week begins.

After all of the week's games are complete, tally up the games each participant picked correctly, the player with the highest total wins.

We also have the NFL Confidence Pool Sheets available, which is similar to the Pick'em pool, except participants rank their picks based on how confident they are on any particular game.