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21 Team "Seeded"

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Below you will find 2 different layouts for the 21 Team Seeded Bracket. The bracket in the first layout runs from left to right and the bracket in the second layout runs from both directions, meeting up in the center. Both of these brackets work exactly the same, the appearance is the only difference. If you click "Customize this Bracket" you will be able to edit the heading before printing. Our Fillable 21 Team Seeded Bracket allows you to type in team names, and also edit, save, and update the bracket as the tournament progresses! These are .pdf files, we recommend using the latest version of Adobe Reader to get these to display and print properly. The watermark you see on the printable version will not appear when the bracket is printed.

21 Team Seeded Tournament Bracket

Printable 21 Team Seeded Single Elimination Tournament Bracket